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History of
iSente Sdn Bhd

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Company Profiles


To satisfy and fulfill internal and external needs in the area related to the system solutions and integration


To serve the nation with our best blended IT talent towards the fulfillment of our stakeholders’ satisfaction by improving their well being and to maintain hence enrich the existing relationship and ties with our internal and external customers and suppliers. 



  • To be a leading-edge Information Service Company focused and specialized in providing business solutions for the current and future information and knowledge needs of our customers.
  • To attract and cultivate the best IT talents which later will provide a synergize business solutions in the country
  • To have a sustainable profit and cash flow in order to fulfill the company's stakeholders.
  • To be a model company that successfully blend modern management


  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • QualityTeamwork



The company was incorporated in 2003 and has been involved in the field of communication and information technology since then providing consultancy and technical services to both public and private sectors. We specialized in proving solutions and involved actively in the design, development, testing and commissioning of application software. Ever since, we were involved in implementing prestigious and sizeable projects that make us reputable service provider. Apart from involvements in such projects, we are developing our own software products to cater increasing demands and sophistication of communication and information technology. We are gearing towards achieving high level of excellence by strengthening capital and resources. Strategically, we plan for expansion and diversification program to be able be ahead and meeting the challenge of the information age.



We emphasize creative ideas to invent new product lines.  We shall progress and build strength for competing in local and international arena. To be a leader ahead of others, we do things differently and focus on technological innovation. We cultivate values of uniqueness in our products and services to secure niche market sectors that we are able to command role of leadership. To achieve such goal, we spend substantial amount of time on research and development and it shall serve as a cornerstones for business development plan.



Prioritization of customer’s satisfaction and quality services

We believe in full compliance to user’s requirements to ensure services rendered will be of customer’s satisfaction. We employ proper quality program to ensure our products and services are reliable as well providing maintenance services.   

Provision for research and development

We carried out developmental works especially for the purpose of product design and development processes. We pursue some kind of invention or innovative products at the very least for us to keep up with the current technological development and be able to compete in local and international marketplace.

Human resources developments program

By virtue of our activities, main assets of the company are the management and employees. We shall cultivate high level of professionalism by rewarding them with good career opportunities. 


Business Activities

Solution & Technology Focus

  • Applications
  • Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)
  • Groupware
  • Financial Applications
  • Human Resource Applications
  • Office Automation
  • Electronic Documentation
  • HTTP, HTML, Java Script, PHP
  • Computer Security 

Computer Systems 

  • Windows NT, 2000 Servers
  • UNIX Solaris Enterprises & Workstations
  • Open VMS Alpha Servers
  • Network Computers
  • Storage systems - RAID, High Availability Clustering
  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • Windows NT 2000 


  • TCP / IP and emerging Internet Protocols1 Ethernet - Switched, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet.
  • ATM - 25Mbps, 155Mbpss, 622Mbps and Higher speeds
  • Network Design and Modeling
  • Network Management
  • Fiber and UTP cabling with certification and documentation
  • Wireless Solution


 Credentials of Management Team

  • Design and development of application software
  • National and regional training, qualification and certification scheme
  • Research and development in engineering fields
  • Formulation and maintenance of quality system
  • QA/QC consultancy and servicesEnvironmental impact assessment
  • Management experiences include corporate finance, business development and monitoring activities
  • Setting-up and operation of manufacturing facilities









TNB Petaling Jaya


 i) PO No – 20138384 –Bekalan & pasang Multimode Fibre Backbone – RM 11,320 

ii) PO No – 20152378 – RM 1,000

 iii) PO No – 20152376 – Patch Cord C/W RJ45Connector,Label & R.Bot – RM 520

 iv) PO No – 20152374 – Pembelian 2 unit switch HUB – RM 3,760

 v) PO No – 20152372 – 24 Port RJ45 Patch

Panel –Rock Mount – RM 840

 vi) PO No – 20152371 – Equipment RAK

1.36U19” –RM 2,300


6 Bulan

 Jan 2006


Jabatan Hal EhwalVeteran ATM



Membekal ,Memasang,Menguji &  Mentauliah Peralatan ICT

 (Contract No: P/P/SH/TE/B5SH74/2005/E)


3 Bulan

Mac 2006


Jabatan Perancangan Bandar & Desa


 Internet  Mapping System (IMS)

   - L 0142010000060321

   - L 0142010000060322


1 Bulan

Mac 2006




i) Flatbed Scanner – 8,982.00

         (Unistem 020-06)

ii) Printer Colour – 76,950.00

         (Unistem 042-06)

iii) Distribution Switch – 82,990.00

        (Unistem 022-06)

iv) Toner – 21,500.00

        (Unistem 042-06)

v) PABX- 20,313.00

vi) Workstation-36,500.00

       (Unistem 017-06)

vii) Server-12,500.00

        (Unistem 071-06)




3 Bulan





Membekal, Memasang & Mentauliah  4 unit Komputer Peribadi



1 Bulan

JULAI 2006




 Membekal,Menghantar,Memasang & Mentauliah Komputer Peribadi

(AD 264847)


1 Bulan

AUG 2006



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